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We Are She Who Remembers

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I looked up and saw a miniature Native American chief in full dress walking on the edge of my deck.

Okay. Not. But, for a minute my imagination took me there. And what I really saw was almost as astonishing as what I imagined.

I have been reading the She Who Remembers book series by Linda Lay Shuler. She weaves an entrancing historical story about Native Americans.

I have been so engrossed in the series that when a pileated woodpecker decided to visit me in all its majesty, it fit right into the stories about these people who were bigger than life.

Del and I knew we had a family of pileated woodpeckers in our small woods. We heard them these last few years and caught glimpses of them once in awhile. But the day I looked up and saw a pileated woodpecker standing only about ten feet from me in all its beauty I felt as if I had been lifted into another reality.

It’s Not That Hard To Do

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Sometimes I have no idea what to do with myself. Usually it is because there is so much to do. When it gets to be too much, I don’t want to do anything. Or I have so much on my mind, I don’t know what is the most important, so I don’t feel like thinking [...]

Are You Pronoid Too?

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My sister wrote me and told me I was pronoid. Was she saying something nice? It had to be, it was my sister. So I looked it up in the urban dictionary. Yes, I am. Are you? It appears to be a condition I was born with. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t [...]

7 Steps To Happy

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For a few winters, I forced Narcissus bulbs to bloom in our home. I wanted their beauty while the wind raged and the snow fell. We watched their growth from bulb to bloom with anticipation and joy. One year I put the bulbs in different glass containers on top of rocks, added water, and placed [...]

How Skilled Are You At Receiving?

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Football and I are casually acquainted, but it often inspires me. What I love most about it is the artistry and awareness that can develop between players. The most visible sign of this connection is between the quarterback and the receiver of his passes. There is nothing more glorious than watching a receiver make a [...]

How Many Dimensions Do You Experience

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I didn’t always have bird restaurants at my house. In fact, living in the city, spending twelve hours a day in my thirty sixth-floor office, I rarely saw them. Until one day, a bird ate my peanut and then something shifted, and I became a bird watcher. I had gone away for a week by [...]

Are You Stuck In Grape Jelly?

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We run three bird restaurants at our house. We placed them as close as possible to windows, so we always have a clear view of the endless stream of the many kinds of birds that come to dine. While I watch the birds through the window, I often carry on conversations with them, although probably [...]

Want Different? Do Nothing.

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To do great work a man must be very idle as well as very industrious. — Samuel Butler In front of me, the clouds swirled patterns of multiple shades of gray like a watercolor on canvas. Behind me, wisps of gray were taking over the white clouds in the blue sky. Around my feet the [...]

How To Agree Even When You Don’t

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At our resent Shift Gathering Retreat, Del had the members of the group sit outside for about fifty minutes every day. Their task was to be still in nature, and to note what they saw, felt, smelled, and touched. In addition, they were to notice where they were sitting within the bigger landscape. Each person [...]

What Is Theirs To Do, Is Not Ours To Do

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So sayeth the birds, animals, insects, and plants of nature. All nature not only knows this truth, but also lives it. We are different. We may know this truth, but we rarely live it. Instead, we pride ourselves on being able to do anything, and everything. When we are young, it’s good to know we [...]

Where You Are Is Where You Must Be

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They walked right through my screen door. I assured them I had done it myself, and I knew how to fix it. It’s a retractable screen door. This means that instead of stopping forward progress as a regular screen door would, it pops out of its tracks, and before you know it, you are on [...]

How We Are Designed To Be Filled

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Have you ever stood in an empty football stadium? It is an awe-inspiring experience to stand in that huge open space. A space just waiting to be filled, a space with a complete understanding of its purpose, a space perfectly designed to fulfill that purpose. I had this experience during my high school reunion when [...]

A Mouse Reminder About Too Many Things To Do

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One night I dreamed about a mouse. That’s all I remembered about the dream – a mouse telling me, “One thing at a time.” Del, with his years of nature and American Indian study, shared the meaning of mouse with me. It turns out that one thing at a time is exactly what a mouse [...]

The Universe Pre Provides

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I was walking a path in the woods. The trees came up to the edge of the path so I could only see a few yards in front of me as the path twisted and turned. As I walked, I noticed the strangest thing. If I thought of a chipmunk, it would run down the [...]

Are We Supposed To Feel Guilty?

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We know the story. A man named Jesus, while dying on a cross, said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”* It astonished those who heard him speak. They expected him to speak words of condemnation, and he did not. That is amazing, especially when we think how difficult it can sometimes [...]

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