Beca-LewisI write, breathe, illustrate, promote, dream, speak, teach, coach, and share how to shift perceptions to an unlimited viewpoint that results in good for everyone.

I am the author of five non-fiction books based on my system called The Shift. A sixth book is advice for young women. I have also published two short stories about love and ego, with another on its way. Almost done is a full length fiction book about possibilities and answering the call. In addition, I have written numerous courses based on The Shift. All my books can be found on Amazon, or directly from me at speaking gigs.

For the past sixteen years I have writing a blog called The Shift Ezine. I also write and illustrate the free daily email series called The Truth 4 Today. I wrote another free daily email called The Daily Nudge, and recorded a meditation series called Grace Notes.

I am also the host for my Shift The Story Podcast, where people just like you and me, share their experiences with making shifts in their life. Inspiring and practical! Come listen!

Bottom line, everything is always about The Shift and how it changes everything to be better than we thought it could be.

How I got here:

At sixteen I started my own dance school and spent the next 14 years teaching dance. At twenty-eight I put myself through UCLA and earned a Master’s in Dance and started a dance company.

After graduation, instead of returning to the dance world, I decided to learn more about the business world. I worked at a variety of jobs mostly chosen so I could learn more about myself and how the world works. Sometimes I took a job to make enough money to support myself and my three children. Eventually I ended up working for 20 years within large financial firms as a Certified Financial Planner.

It is this diverse background that has demonstrated that The Shift System works for anyone willing to choose it and work it. I know that in order for something to change, we have to change first. It’s doesn’t have to take time, it’s up to us. My job is to help people make the choice, discover what is holding them back, and then guide them through the process of letting go of what doesn’t work, and finding what does.

This has always been what I do, even as a child. However I got better at as the years went by. Most likely because until I grew old enough to know better – it took me awhile – I learned life the hard way. Sometimes things worked, sometimes they didn’t, but everything taught me. I have been married, divorce, married and divorced, until I finally got marriage right. I am a mother, grand-mother, and step-mother.

When not working, I am reading, or perhaps working in the garden in rural Ohio.

I would love to hear from you! beca (at) becalewis (dot) com


The Shift Series:
Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception
The Daily Shift: It’s Not What You Think. It’s Better Than That
The Four Essential Questions: Choosing Spiritually Healthy Habits
The 28 Day Shift To Wealth: A Daily Prosperity Plan
The Intent Course: 28 Days To Discovering and Living Your Life’s Intent

Perception Parables:
Love’s Silent Sweet Secret: An Adult Fable About Love
Golden Chains And Silver Cords: An Adult Fable About Letting Go

A Woman’s ABC’s of Life: Lessons in Love, Life and Career from Those Who Learned The Hard Way


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