Here’s is a small sample of what people are saying about Shift Consulting or Coaching. It’s a variety of answers, because there are a variety of ways we will approach the process.

It’s not a cookie cutter operation. What we do together is personalized for what you need and want.

What is always the same is that I will always be on your side, and at your side.

Coaching with Beca Lewis has changed every area of my life for the better. Beca’s coaching skills are excellent. She is astute, intuitive, kind, practical, and expectant of change. The greatest benefit of working with Beca has been my experience of peace in the midst of shift and change. The peace is because the focus of her coaching is spiritual: there is one cause and creator and it is good. Coaching practical issues from a true spiritual perspective is powerful, and Beca does it extremely well. – Kathy Piper

Are you afraid to ask for help? I have struggled with this my whole life. Asking for help always represented a sign of weakness or failure of some kind on my part. I have learned, through the loving support and guidance that I receive from Beca Lewis and the ground breaking Woman’s Council that she leads, that the best possible thing one can do for oneself is to ASK FOR HELP! There is never any judgement. There is only respectful listening, kind and inspiring suggestions and ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a personal issue, a business matter or something seemingly unimportant to anyone but you – you will feel the same sense of relief and gratitude that you asked for help! Try it! I highly recommend it.– Jamie Lewis

Beca’s words of wisdom always keep me going. She’s made a big difference in helping me make the transition to my new career. — Janis Hunt Johnson, CS

I think the most dramatic connection your thoughts, awareness, and style have to me, and so many others, strikes home for women: feel safe, lack of worry, finding comfort, and trusting what to do. Thank you…and God…for “being there.” Your candor and warm ease of communicating send an energy of security. Success comes in many guises and for me, you have rejuvenated my link to the All-that-Is.

    – Becky Reed, Montana

Need to develop a marketable business/business service? Need to feel inspired? Beca has resources, information and experience. What I appreciate about Beca is her motive. Her premise is based on God First. – Michal McKeown

Beca has changed my life. I look forward to see her emails in my in-box. “Living in Grace” is a book that has the potential to put in motion the mind-shift change the world needs right now! If every person who reads this book and passes the message on, how effortless our lives will be. Life can only change if we let it, and if we can make a conscious thought to allow this change. “Living In Grace” helps us realize that material things are not what makes us successful, it is in the acknowledgement of spiritual awareness and most importantly, the practice of “Living in Grace”!! Thank You Beca for your brilliance! – Michelle Seeparsad, South Africa

Thank you for giving birth to and teaching great methods to break the cycle and patterns of obsolescence! Thank you for opening and widening the sphere of consciousness to recognize Its true Mind-derived inheritance! Thank you for calling us back to true family wherein we become so genuinely familiar with each other as the divine Us, so connected, inter-related through understanding these universal ideas that are Us, so enabled to magnify this Light throughout and to truly “be fruitful and multiply” as is the actual meaning in the Genesis of our being!! – Linn Moffett

I’ve been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember. In my early twenties I was introduced to some wonderful works by Og Mandino, Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, and many others. I loved them then, and I love them now. Because I loved them, I believed in them, but for some reason I could never make that final leap to Success and what felt like Spiritual understanding. The workbooks, the guides, the lessons, would all sound so wonderful. I can hear myself shouting to myself, “THIS is the answer! THIS is where I begin to feel like I belong!” And yet, the habits would fall off and be forgotten, or replaced by the next workbook or outline or guide to follow. And again. And again. Then, I met Beca. We almost didn’t meet. I kept missing the appointment, once when I completely forgot. Once when I double booked myself and chose the other appointment. The third time I actually made it. Thank you, God. I’ve been reading, doing teleclasses with, meeting with, and coaching with Beca for years now. Beca has shown me how to put myself into the picture. She has shown me how to use what I see and learn and read in a way that works for me. She has helped me regain the love of my work, the work I was born to do but had lost that love of it. She didn’t show me my Spiritual Self. She didn’t tell me what that was, or give me an outline to follow to find it, really. Here’s what Beca did. She gave me a solid set of principles, spiritual laws, universal to us all, available to us all. And she has held my hand, loved me while I struggled with understanding, and been my biggest fan while I have questioned, sought, learned, fought, and accepted that I Am Living in Grace in every moment.

    – Jet Tucker, CPA

I surely would like to share with people the beauty and strength I have gained since reading the Shift work and to extoll your teaching abilities to put together a beautiful teaching of how to rebuild self-esteem, and put a life back together and change the outcome in life to one of Success and Joy!!! I’d say you are the best thing since sliced bread..and your enthusiasm for helping people is boundless. Clear, concise, precise… Blessings and Gratitude for your guidance in these times that are a challenge for me.– Merrilyn MC Elderry

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